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 to Global Kidney Health!

More than 850 million people are affected by kidney disease worldwide making it a global health priority.

The ISN is calling on stakeholders committed to addressing the growing burden of kidney disease to pledge their commitment and widely share the recommendations to guide ongoing actions to reduce the burden of kidney disease worldwide. We hope that you will join ISN’s call and express your support to 12 Recommendations to Global Kidney Health. 

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  1. Work within current frameworks promoted by the World Health Organization and the United Nations such the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, Universal Health Coverage, and Life Course approach in the context of Health 2020 to develop and implement policies to ensure integration and synergies for kidney disease prevention and treatment within existing initiatives.
  2. Develop and implement public health policies to prevent or reduce risk factors for chronic kidney disease in adults and children, including strategies to promote maternal and child health and nutrition, to reduce the burdens of diabetes, hypertension, obesity and tobacco consumption, to promote safe work environments and prevent infectious diseases.
  1. Implement and support ongoing surveillance mechanisms to better understand and quantitate the burdens of acute and chronic kidney disease within and outside the context of non-communicable diseases, specifically by developing robust national and regional registries for AKI, CKD and ESKD.
  1. Educate the public and people at risk about kidney disease within non-communicable disease education campaigns.
  1. Improve awareness of kidney disease among health care workers at all levels and ensure appropriate access to essential tools and medications required for diagnosis and treatment.
  1. Work towards universal health coverage to permit sustainable access to effective and affordable medication (for hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease) to treat risk factors for kidney disease and delay kidney disease progression.
  1. Support education for a skilled nephrology workforce to implement prevention and treatment of kidney disease at all stages.
  1. Implement early detection, preventive and treatment strategies for AKI.
  1. Integrate early evidence-based treatment for CKD acknowledging the important synergies with diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.
  1. Develop and implement transparent policies governing just and equitable access to kidney disease care including dialysis and transplantation, according to international standards, and to support, safe, ethical, affordable and sustainable programs.
  1. Promote and expand kidney transplantation programs within countries and across the region.
  1. Support local, regional and transnational research on kidney disease to further understanding of prevention and treatment strategies.

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